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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Writing a story seemed so easy to me at those time when I had no time to write them. The writer's block, the tough deadlines for deliverable, the tough situations at the better sides of a family life made me very indifferent to others. The scene which is telling a million words and can be captured in a photograph, cannot say the million words untold, but your story can.

After going through my previously written stories, it seems to me that, I have tried to testify my taste in writing in many many different styles but, writing the story has become more and more difficult as time has passed. The regularity of keeping this blog posted with new stories became a pain with no gain. Or rather I thought that the appraised comments is what I deserved. Again the appraisers wanted to console me all the time to come up with good stories powered up with better style each time.

Altogether I left this pain behind and stopped writing in this blog since a long long time ago. So, I was happy writing the stories in my mind and reading them back to me all the time. I thought of writing in Bengali, rather than in English as I should have been more confident and more conversant with Bengali than English. I bought a long copy an year ago, to write down the stories but that day never came.

I am still planning to write some words at least on the copy I bought. Some friends suggested me to write poems at least, as I used to write at my school days. Some well wishers wanted me to start writing stories in Bengali. The inner selfish self of mine said me to refrain from writing, rather enjoy the life as it comes to me.

Still, I shall try to write something in this blog as well as my year old copy in near future. That may or may not sound like a story at all but that will tell some untold words of mine some day.


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