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Sunday, May 16, 2010

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I continued to think, just like Hercule Poirot may have thought in this situation. I started arranging the clues together. Slowly something started oozing up from my mind.

Both were looking the same, with their identical white outfits. No one can tell who was who other than the bullet-pendant Lila was wearing.

Of course the mis-shapen beads on the floor of the bathroom shows, the bead necklace was hurriedly pulled off from her neck. But, I haven't seen her wearing that all the time, rather Sia was wearing the bead necklace.
The mangled arm-band must have been removed in hurry.
And the open bejeweled case is where I got stuck for sometime, must be something precious, very precious for her. May be the pendant with the bullet or the arm-band.
The cup of tea she offered me was kept beside the bed on a stool just on the way to the bathroom, beside the only chair I sat.

I have started perspiring I can figure out something, something so terribly frightening, I am loosing my breath.

The crumpled scarf beneath the pillow is the weapon of murder. It must had been soaked with liquid HCN that killed Sia, the identical twin sister of Lila.

Lila had put the scarf on her face. She started struggling, the arm-band fell down, mangled. I can still recall when I have last saw Lila, she was not wearing the band.

Sia struggled towards the bed, on the way must have knocked down the cup.

Then Lila must have kept the scarf under the pillow, and reached for the bejeweled case of the cabinet to get the band. She took out the bead necklace and put her bullet pendant on the then dead Sia's neck, for that is how we could have recognized Lila.

But why had she needed to open the case? Oh, must be the identical band Sia was wearing that night. And of course the other bullet necklace.

My heart is pounding faster than ever, Lila is not murdered. She cannot be killed. When Sia came out of the room, it was actually Lila.

She went off and came back through the back door and entered the bathroom. Hurried to take out the bead necklace from her neck, but unfortunately it was torn. That's why the
stray mis-shapen beads on the floor of the bathroom.

Then she came out of the room again as herself wearing the second necklace, but after committing such a task
she looked withdrawn and anxious.

The ancestral property of more than a hundred crore will totally be her now, in a new facade of Sia. Now she can do the extremely costly required treatment of the "virus" (and it's curable now) and also live a rather happy life Sia lived.

I need to tell it to the police and others, immediately.


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