Final Freedom (Sesh Mukti)

Friday, April 17, 2009

The music was low. Light was dim. The bodies were moving together slowly in sync with the music. There is no smoke in this pub as smoking has been banned in public places several months ago. There are people sitting on far tables having an eye on the Dance Floor.

Romita can relax today.

Romita can relax today. She works in a BPO of a reputed company as a "Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)". Romita is 29 around 165 cm tall and has a very attractive build. A few extra pounds but that remains hidden under the business suit she wears at workplace. Her face is sharp and her complexion is a bit on the darker side, but overall she possesses a "sexy" look and she used to enjoy the adoration in the mens eyes while moving past her even in the last summer. Nowadays her boss wants her to entertain him someday and even wants her to go with him abroad. She has to manage this very coolly and professioally. She knows that handling these situations has a lot to do with her career. She has always managed. Though sometimes situation went out of control and she had to find another job for her.

"I had the same dream again."
"So, the same dream ... you mean a lot of hands ...?" Dr. Mrs. Gupta inquired.
"Yes. All men. They are throwing me ... squeezing me ... and punishing me." Romita answered.
"And what was your reaction?"
"I was weeping .. shivering in shame and horror... and woke up."
"Are you taking the medicines I prescribed?" Dr. Gupta asked.
"Yes, always ... or may be I am missing some of them."
"Are you consuming alcoholic drinks everyday?"
"Yes ... I mean no madam. Trying to be normal these days."
"This is our third sitting in these four weeks. The things will certainly improve."

Things cannot improve she knows. She is lonely in this world. Her frustration in this loneliness is increasing rapidly with time. So is her illness.

She is left alone in this world by her parents for the last three years. They passed away in an accident, precisely, a plane crash. She is a passed out from a reputed ladies college at Kolkata and after working five years for other companies, she has joined this company as a Senior CRM. During these years of successful career she has never had a steady relationship with any man. She tried to have a sustained relationship with somebody who really cares for her. But she was fooled thrice by men. She tried to keep friendship with women. She found them pretty selfish and mostly boring. All of the girls around her always are busy with their career, their boy friends, their shopping, their styles and their gossips. So, Romita is left all alone almost all the time. She tried Orkut but that also didn't help. Everybody, specially men want to meet her and to have her. She is all alone even on net.

Romita came back to her appartment at around 9 PM. Tomorrow is Saturday. According to Dr. Mrs. Gupta's advice, she should stay home now, call some friends and go to sleep early. She is not supposed to booze. She actually become very forgetful and missing the medicine frequently. She took up the cell, tried to call Manisha. Manisha workes for another call centre at Sector V, she is Romita's school mate.

"Hey. Where are you? Not coming to have dinner with me? "
"No, ... I am at the 'devils own'... with whom? You guess... No. Not coming now. Why don't you come over here?" replied Manisha.
"Thanks. I cannot sorry. Bye."

Soon after talking to Manisha, Romita took out her car and drove towards "Someplace Else", a renowned pub at central Kolkata. Nowadays Romita comes here regularly on weekends. She only boozed several times while in College, that also with some of her friends on special occasions like Duga Puja or Dipawali. But nowadays she is taking sleeping pills regularly and comes to booze here often.

The guys sitting in the table beside hers are sipping on their drinks keeping an eye on her. She cannot take the eyes keep gazing at her all the time, licking with their eyes. She forgot from when she has started hating men. At first she was exploited by her own private tutor. He took chance and after enjoying Romita, he left for the states. He was an engineering student of Jadavpur University and a known face to one of the colleagues of Romita's father. When that guy left, Romita was sitting for her (10+2) exam and she could not do well from the mental shock she received.

Romita went for college and had to change her subject to commerce though her parents wanted her to study with science . Actually, she was not getting any chance with the science option in the ladies college she preferred to join. Romita met Sumanta in a few months.

Sumanta was around three years senior than her and was an elder brother of one of her friends Sunetra. Sumanta was studying for his M.Sc. (PG in science) in Presidency College and became politically involved. Romita liked Sumanta for his idealistic philosophy towards life. She fell in love. They used to meet at Coffee House, Nandan and Ntional Library. They both were very open in views and several times got involved sexually and even went out together for small excursions with their mutual friends.

It was a summer afternoon when they met at Nandan.
"I got a job at a BPO concern at Sector V. It is an American concern." said Romita.
"So, you are joining?" Sumanta asked.
"Yes. Of course. Who should loose this chance? If you got one what should you do?"
"I shall not join that... how can I work for the concern which is from USA or UK, the capitalists, who rule the world. For them only we have poverty all over the world."
"That's bullshit. My father is working for one such concern. So, he is also helping the capitalists to spread poverty round the world and exploiting them? That's what you mean to say?"

The topic went hot. Very hot and at last they found that they are quarreling for the first time. And finally that arguing continued till she joined the job and that ended their relationship. Romita lost faith in men once again.

May be it all started when Sagnik said no. She met Sagnik at Sector V. She worked for a BPO while Sagnik was a Project Maanger for another company. They met at "Cafe Coffee Day".

"May I join madam?" Romita looked up and found Sagnik for the first time. It was a pleasant afternoon at autumn. The "Durga Puja" was nearby. Romita had an evening shift and was having coffee with two other female co-workers. Sagnik was known to Sulagna, one of her co-workers. Again Romita started a relationship and this time she was very cautious. Everything went well only before the day she came to know that, as she works for a BPO, the family of Sagnik has rejected her for marriage and Sagnik is going to marry some other girl of choice of his family. "A girl from call centre... No, never. They are all characterless. They stay all night outside... you cannot marry such a girl. No way." That is what everybody from Sagnik's family commented.

It's not going to change. Everybody wants to have her for one night or two. No one is going to understand her pains, befriend her in her loneliness. Care when she needs real care. Nobody will take care when she will be ill or old. She is getting older. She needs someone to care for her. No one is there to say "Romi, we are here for you." as her parent's used to say. Romita felt that she needs a long holiday. The real freedom to some place far away where she can not be seen by anybody. No man's eyes will lick her as she feels everyday. She needs to be free. She cannot take the eyes keep gazing at her all the time, even in her sleep. She cannot let a lot of men playing with her lives any more.

This is 1 AM now. She parked the car at the parking place alloted to her company so, noone objected. Romita started climbing up to the 15th floor of this building. One of the highest buildings at Sector V. Her office is here in 6th, 7th and 8th floor. So, no one stopped her at this hour at night. She has her ID on. She reached for the 15th floor with ease. She badly needs some air.Though the AC is on she felt perspiration. No one can get to the terrace. But there is a side window. She opened that. Looked at the night lights of Kolkata all around. She needed more air to fill up her, she took a step forward in air. Now she is falling free ... she is being free.


Anonymous April 23, 2009 at 11:03 AM  

The story seems to be quite a picture of today's kolkata but can we have a story
which is real but not forcefully made to real.Sorry for criticising but why not a male oriented problem?do males have heavenly life or
just because we find to know more about women as they are secretive?I hope you will address the above issues.
Thanks and Regards

Shankha April 23, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

Thank you PG. I have already put some problems forward for a man working in Sector V in my older post - Ghore Phera (Returning Home). Please read and comment honestly.

poulomi April 23, 2009 at 2:41 PM  

Good one....very real from what we see nowadays around us...The despair, the frustrations, the lack of morals and a never ending loneliness..... We need to overcome thes situations and move forward...maybe a story like that would be so unreal but we need to make that real...please do write a story on hopes and new light....never had any idea that u r such a good story teller.....

Samaresh April 26, 2009 at 1:58 AM  

I am realy spell bound. Your idea is great!
bondhu aro lekho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shankha April 26, 2009 at 2:10 AM  

Thank you Poulami... next time I shall try to write something positive.

Shankha April 26, 2009 at 2:11 AM  

Thanks Samaresh. Your appraisal is fuel for me. Surely I shall write more.

beinglonly April 26, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

Dear Shankha, it is my first time i visit you. your writing is very touchable. well done and go a head man.

Shankha April 26, 2009 at 1:48 PM  

Thanks Mari - beinglonely. I shall try my best to write more.

avijit April 27, 2009 at 1:20 PM  

porlam - kintu golpor choritro-ra kar image bhujlam na - mone hochhe tomar-i na bola kotha - story hisabe porchi!!

tobe jai hok - aro porar asa roilo
keep it up

Shankha April 27, 2009 at 4:01 PM  

Thanks avijit for your comment. These are stories about people around us and may not have a real resemblance to someone particular.

Of course will try to carry on writing.

Ralph Ivy June 5, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

A quiet story. The music playing softly. I hear it in the air even as she leaves the pub. Walks lonely back to her room. Still playing after she hangs up the phone. Decides to go out again. Her memories quiet. Even the argument with her former lover plays muted in her mind. And the walk up to the 15th floor. Onto the balcony...

...and the music, still soft as she walks to the edge...

And quietly soars even as she falls.


I like the softness. Even the sad feelings, my wanting to reach out.
Your story is good.

Anonymous June 20, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

Nice. I like the way the settings in your stories are presented. Feels like I'm there observing the people in your stories. The idea is very well expressed. Very creative and profound..^^

agnitrisha October 5, 2009 at 7:57 PM  

touching story.

Shankha January 21, 2010 at 1:33 AM  

Thanks a lot to all my dear readers. I am trying my best to write some more good stories.

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